Kutaisi International Airport is the gateway to European destinations

Kutaisi International Airport is the gateway to European destinations

which connects Georgia with 30 central cities of Europe - Irakli Karkashadze

Kutaisi International Airport is a gateway connecting Georgia with 30 central European cities, said the head of the Association of Georgian Airports, who together with Wizz Air representatives announced the fourth Wizz Air base and new destination in Georgia .

Wizz Air aircraft based at Kutaisi International Airport . This is the rare case when an airline has doubled the number of aircraft based in one year. Also important is the fact that new destinations are added to Kutaisi International Airport in a short period of time, such as new destinations of the third base and the fourth already Copenhagen, and the fact that a fourth base is added during the winter season, this means that Kutaisi Airport is a very growing airport and in demand. It is an airport that is the gateway to Europe and connects Georgia with 30 central European cities. It is important that the fourth ship based at Kutaisi International Airport means not only more opportunities and more passengers, but also more jobs. And the fourth base, the airship, will create up to 40 jobs. We also thank Wizz Air for the work done in promoting Georgia, which is our joint goal to make Kutaisi International Airport recognizable and this year, 2023 , will be a record year, considering that we expect more than 1 million passengers to Kutaisi International Airport, which It has never happened before in its history. This will be a new stage of its development", said Irakli Karkashadze.

It should be noted that today it became known that Wizz Air is adding Airbus A321neo to the fourth aircraft based at Kutaisi International Airport this year . Direct regular flights between Kutaisi and Copenhagen will be performed twice a week with the mentioned ship .

Tickets can already be purchased on the airline's website and mobile application.