Prague is a city that can be endlessly described.

This is one of the largest cities in Central Europe and the centuries-old capital of Bohemia. These are bridges, cathedrals, gilded towers and church domes that have been reflected in the waters of the Vltava for more than 10 centuries. It is almost unharmed during the Second World War, a medieval center with cobbled streets and courtyards, countless spiers and benches. And along with this Prague - a modern and lively city full of youthful energy, music, culture in all its forms and gourmet restaurants. Prague is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Europe.

The only thing that can slightly spoil the tourist's impression of Prague is its size and the fact that several interrelated systems of division into districts coexist in the city. Here you need to be very careful when choosing a hotel. And if you came to the Czech Republic for the first time and for no more than a week, then you can unpack your suitcases and generally forget about other destinations: in Prague you will see every day as if a new city.

How to get to Prague

Accepts air passengers Prague Airport, train fans come to the Main Railway Station. "Florenc" bus station is located near the metro station of the same name


Urban system Transport Prague is convenient and understandable, it works like a well-oiled mechanism. The metro, funicular, buses and trams run on time (you can check the clock), and some of them even run at night.

A tourist will not get lost by a special service from DPP - the official carrier of Prague. This peculiar navigator maps the route, calculates the duration of the trip and its cost.


There is a unified fare collection system for all types of public transport in Prague. That is, with one ticket and even within one trip, you can ride the metro, tram and bus, the pass on the ferry and funicular will work.

Cafes and restaurants in Prague

All kinds of cafes and restaurants, pubs, taverns, craft bars in Prague, there are no more signs, wherever you look - signs. And if they had a motto, without the words "satisfying", "inexpensive" and "traditional", it would not have done. Local establishments are distinguished not only by the tempting variety of the menu, but also by true Czech practicality - there is a lot of food, few delights, proven recipes, and budget prices.

Answering the main question, beer is served everywhere in Prague. Restaurants here have their own Breweries, and each brewery has its own restaurant (pub / bar).

7 things to do in Prague

Stand in bewilderment for a long time in front of the Invisible Church in Vysehrad and finally find it with your gaze.

Find John Lennon's autograph on his memory wall in Little Country.

Without leaving the city, climb the Eiffel Tower on Petrin Hill.

Touch St. John of Nepomuk on the Charles Bridge and become a little richer spiritually and materially.

Find the guardian of the bridge, the knight Brunzvik, behind the curb and check if he looks like Marina Tsvetaeva, as she wrote in her memoirs.

Allocate at least a day for a trip out of town and understand that you “have” to return there more than once.

Forget about diet, enjoy local cuisine, gain 2-3 kilos and never regret it

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