Turkey's largest metropolis, Istanbul, no one dares to call it ordinary.

Among the cities of the world, only it is located on the territory of two continents at once. On the coast cut by the Bosphorus, Europe and Asia peacefully coexist. During its three thousand year history, Istanbul has managed to visit the capital of the greatest empires in the world - Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman - and was the religious center of Christianity and Islam.

Istanbul Travel Guide cannot be limited to either the historical or the modern part. The city, which combines high technology and luxury of the modern world with ancient oriental traditions, has more than 3000 monuments of cultural and architectural heritage and is famous for its endless nightlife.

Istanbul is sometimes called the Second Rome - like the Eternal City, it stands on seven hills. One of the largest covered markets in the world operates here - the ancient Grand Bazaar. The metropolis is about 1600 years older than Moscow and surpasses it in terms of the number of inhabitants. There are so many marriages in it that the city is second only to the American Las Vegas. The underground railway tunnel under the Bosphorus, known as the Marmaray Line, is recognized as the deepest of its kind in the world.

Besides the fact that Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, the epicenter of tourism and economy, many transport routes connect here. Therefore, you can come to the city in different ways, choosing the most optimal for yourself.

Istanbul is served by 3 main airports: