Cruise Trip

Cruise at the best time, in the best countries


Visiting period:

01 May-08 May

Departure - return from Genoa

⚓️May 1 - Genoa

⚓️May 02 - Marseille (France)

⚓️May 03 - Tarragona (Spain)

⚓️May 4 - Valencia (Spain)

⚓️ May 5 - in the sea

⚓️May 6 - Livorno (Italy)

⚓️May 7 - Civitavecchia (Rome)

Internal cabin 553 euros

853 euros with a balcony

(includes 84 euro ship fee)

The price includes:

✔ ️Accommodation on a cruise

✔ ️Three-course meal

✔ ️travel insurance

✔ ️entertainment services on board

Sports and entertainment

✔️Various program of Broadway-style theater shows

✔ ️area of the pool

✔️ Open air sports facilities

✔ ️Well-equipped gym with a panoramic view

✔️Fun activities for adults, babies and children

✔ ️fun activities for children

✔️A selection of restaurants and an extensive buffet offering everyone's favorite dishes, freshly prepared by highly qualified chefs

Transfer and air tickets which we add according to your wish



The price is per person in a double room

The price is valid for a few days

For more information contact us or visit us:

Contact us to buy: 032 2 999 888

D. Agmashenebeli Ave. 195