Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan; a city that combines the dynamics of modern life and the tradition of a rich culture. It is called differently: "city of winds", "eastern Paris" - and all these characteristics will be correct.

Baku strikes with its contrast: the newest districts and business centers are interspersed with historical quarters, and all this is saturated with a unique oriental flavor. That is why it is increasingly becoming the object of active interest of tourists from all over the world.

The city is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea in the south of the Absheron Peninsula. This location has formed a mild climate in Baku. It is hot and dry here in summer. The thermometer can reach + 27 ... + 30 ° С, therefore, when planning to visit Baku during the vacation season, you need to take light clothes and a hat with you.

The capital of Azerbaijan is famous for its history, and its old part - Icheri Sheher - still bears the imprint of bygone times, therefore it is often called the "Baku Acropolis". Finding yourself in this area of Baku, you seem to be transported to the times of the Middle Ages. Time seems to have stopped here, and this impression only intensifies at the sight of the carpet dealers who are located right on the ground, the ancient baths that have survived more than one century, the luxurious ancient palace of the Shirvanshahs. There is also a visiting card of the city, its heart is the Maiden Tower, whose history is covered with legends, and many other historical monuments.

Arriving in Baku, one should not miss the opportunity to stroll along the seaside boulevard. Along it there are cozy cafes that dispose to a leisurely rest with a glass of Azerbaijani wine.

Most tourists who come to Azerbaijan first go to the luxurious Heydar Aliyev Airport near Baku.

Express bus H1 - a budget option to get to the city center from Baku airport

The cheapest way to get from Baku airport to the city center and back is by express bus # H1 of the BakuBus carrier. This type of transport runs on the route "Heydar Aliyev Airport" - "Railway Station" (metro station "May 28") with one intermediate stop at the "Koroglu" metro station. Further to the hotel you need to get on foot or by other means of transport.

  • Price: 1.3 AZN (0.78 $) + cost of transport to the hotel (1 trip by public transport = 0.2 AZN). How to buy a ticket is written below.

  • Schedule: from 6.00 to 21.00 - every 30-40 minutes, from 21.00 to 5.00 - every hour.

  • Travel time: about 30 minutes.